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We are a managed IT services provider serving businesses throughout Massachusetts and the greater Louisville (Kentucky) area. Our focus is on providing comprehensive IT support so that you can focus on the bottom line. We work with you to eliminate technological barriers to success by working closely with you and your team. 



& Management

Are you aware of the security threats that could be setting the stage for disaster?

We continually monitor network performance and scan your assets and infrastructure for threats. We remotely maintain your machines so that they run smoothly and allow you to take care of business.



& Recovery

Are you prepared for the worst case scenario?

We provide comprehensive backup and recovery support, ensuring seamless, secure protection against hardware failures and natural disasters across all of your systems.



as a Service

Are you anxious about the cost of maintaining your network?

With Anteris, you pay a fixed monthly fee instead of a huge, up-front capital investment. Using the “Hardware-as-a-Service” model, we provide you with all the technology support you need at no extra cost.



Enterprise VoIP

Is your phone system more of a hindrance than a help?

Gain greater reach with lower costs by switching to our VoIP services. You’ll increase employee productivity and make communication easy in the office or on the go.


Vendor Management

Worried that you’re getting fleeced by the services you rely on?

We’ll manage your other technology relationships. Our vendor management strategy attains the best long-term value possible by bringing our technical expertise to bear on the business problems you face.



Risk &
Security Management

IT risk management is a full-time job. Who’s on watch for you?

From viruses to trojans to spyware and beyond, your technology can become the doorway for catastrophic business problems. We’re one step ahead of the bad guys, making sure you have the right security systems and protocols in place.



You’ve got big plans. Does your technology support them?

Most business today are so reliant on technology that they really need a Chief Information Officer (CIO), but the simple truth is, they can’t afford one. That’s where our virtual CIO (vCIO) service comes in. We’ll provide a robust perspective on technology for your strategic planning so that your business is equipped to hit its long-term goals.

Strategic IT Planning